Renew Bar


Our Renew bar is made with french pink clay, & chia seed. Pink clay is perfect to use on every skin type particularly sensitive and dry skin, helps to restore and replenish the skin by locking in moisture and draw out impurities while lightly exfoliating the skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Our Renew bar gentle cleanse without stripping or drying out your skin & leaving your skin silky smooth & soft. This bar can also be use on your body to help fight body acne and dark marks. 
How to use 
Before we touch our face it’s important to wash your hands first
Wet your face with cold or lukewarm water 
Lather soap on hands, massage lather onto face in circular motion
Rinse with cold to lukewarm water & PAT dry with a paper towel 
Follow up with our peppermint toner ( Use a cotton pad ) 
Apply facial cream under eye & middle area of forehead also on your chin;
Follow up with 2-3 drops of facial serum 
gentle enough to use daily 
Once payment is clear depending on the product you order it will be ship out same day or next day. All orders made before 12 p.m that day will be ship out same day. All products are made per order so each person get all the great benefits are product have to offer. ​​ All products are ship via post offices, FedEx, or UPS Shipping time 2-4 days ​

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