Our konjac sponge is made from 100% pure natural konjac powder. Being unbelievably soft and gentle. It is idea for everyone especially suitable for sensitive skin! It will bring back the natural glow & softness of the skin with daily usage . Raw facial sponge buffs skin smooth as you cleanse for a bright, even complexion


A fluffy, natural face sponge for deep exfoliation


  • Deeply cleanses and smooths for skin that feels ahh so fresh!
  • The perfect partner to your favorite cleanser, it exfoliates nasties like dead skin cells, dirt and makeup for radiant, smooth skin in seconds
  • Ethically sourced plant-based material makes this face loofah nature’s best kept secret to achieving flawless skin
  • Give it a gentle squeeze when you’re done to remove excess water — Hygienic and mold resistant, a dry sponge will ward off bacteria naturally



- Soak the sponge in warm water to let it expand, then gently squeeze out excess water. Apply cleanser to Konjac Sponge and gently massage in a circular motion, gently squeeze it to remove excess water after each use. 

Store and hang sponge in cool and well ventilated place to air dry properly 


Once payment is clear depending on the product you order it will be ship out same day or next day. All orders made before 12 p.m that day will be ship out same day. All products are made per order so each person get all the great benefits are product have to offer. ​​ All products are ship via post offices, FedEx, or UPS Shipping time 2-4 days ​

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