• Raw body supply INC. is a plant based skincare line, offering the finest quality organic products saving the environment and our bodies, our founder brook signature treatment come from her family home town in Haiti, where skin & body care is a ritual that has been handed down from generation to generations, We go back to basics where there wasn’t any make up to cover our flaws, the times when we call our grandma & ask what can I do to make this pimple disappear overnight, & she reply “ well honey stop using these chemicals and go do a sea moss mask. “   “ My first pimple went away in a couple of hour with what my mom told me that grandma told her when she was young, next day my face was glowing like no other “ since then I enjoy making diy mask & serum for myself & family as time went by I realize how my skin was changing and I started wearing less make up, started doing my research. I then became a skincare nerd. 

Have you ever read the ingredients in the shampoo, lotion or soap ? 

Well I have, and day to day products that I was using contain harsh chemicals, chemicals that absorb straight into the bloodstream, which can cause cancer, our skin is designed to absorb natural elements, which these natural elements aren’t found in any of these popular brands, me learning that and all the other things that aren’t good for me is what made me want to shared all that I know with everyone, I created raw body for those who truly want 100% natural alternative to man-made chemicals based products, FOR A FRESHER NEWER YOU! COMMITTED TO YOUR HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT “